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Frankfort Heritage Press

Frankfort Heritage Press

Frankfort Cemetery: The Westminster Abbey of Kentucky
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Frankfort Cemetery
The Westminster Abbey of Kentucky

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Due to the number of dignitaries interred, historian L.F. Johnson tabbed it the "Westminster Abbey of the Commonwealth" in his 1921 account of the cemetery. This book is a unique blend of the past and present containing vintage photographs and current fine art prints. With 256 pages and close to 1400 index items, it is also a great reference piece.

The book contains over 400 color and B&W photographs. Order online or call (502) 223-1671.


Kentucky's capital city is nestled in a valley created by the Kentucky River. Resting atop one of the hills that surrounds the city is the Frankfort Cemetery. Within the hallowed ground of the sacred dead are the remains of those whose memories have been honored and perpetuated since that first interment of Daniel and Rebecca Boone in September of 1845.

The Frankfort Cemetery, incorporated by an act of the Kentucky Legislature and approved February 27, 1844, was the second funerary grounds to be incorporated in the United States, the first being Mount Auburn in Boston, Massachusetts. Rather than discuss here in detail the development of the Frankfort Cemetery, a chronology of major events has been provided elsewhere in this volume.

The necropolis contains the remains of over 22,000 people. This book specifically refers to fewer than five hundred of them. In preparing this collection we included the dead who not only were famous due to their political, military, or community service, but also for whom information was readily available. It was not our intention to diminish, slight, or omit any loved one but to present a variety of personages who would help us to rediscover our past and preserve it for the future.

Because of the variety of distinguished people that are interred within the Frankfort Cemetery, it has often been compared to London's Westminster Abbey where kings and queens, poets, soldiers, politicians, scientists, doctors, actors, and other celebrated people have been buried or are memorialized.

To assist the reader in locating individual tombs there is a map containing sections and divisions of the cemetery where gravesites can be found. The selected individuals are alphabetically listed in each of the cemetery sections. An index at the back of the book also supplies helpful information.

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Frankfort Cemetery: The Westminster Abbey of Kentucky
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