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Frankfort Heritage Press

Frankfort Heritage Press

Embattled Capital: Frankfort Kentucky in the Civil War
Embattled Capital
Frankfort Kentucky in the Civil War

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Book Description

As citizens of the capital city of a border state, the people of Frankfort were felt the effects of the Civil War with particular harshness. There were people among the population of Frankfort who held just about every possible opinion on the critical issues of that turbulent time, and people came to the town from all across Kentucky to shape state government’s part in the secession crisis and the conduct of the Civil War. Debate about the issues of the day was constant and virulent.

Soldiers from both sides marched down Frankfort’s streets. Union forces occupied the town, protecting Kentucky state government, during most of the war. But in 1862, Frankfort became the only pro-Union state capital captured by the Confederate Army. Skirmishes were fought on the streets of the town then and again in 1864 when Confederate cavalry raiders made a sudden attack on Frankfort. Rumors of impending assault and outbreaks of home-grown violence kept everyone tense for weeks on end.

Young men from Frankfort joined both armies and fought in many of its decisive battles. The war’s events profoundly affected Frankfort’s African-American community. Everyone in Frankfort tried to get along with their lives, and the war changed the lives of everyone.

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